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Psychologist Session



Are you searching for a peace of mind, clarity, strength, self-empowerment, conflict and/or relationship resolution?  Maybe you are seeking effective and healthy coping skills in response to life events such as trauma, grief and loss, or social situations?  Perhaps you are simply looking to be understood or searching for answers about unexplained feelings that you are experiencing.  Well, Windows of Opportunities Behavioral Health Services, LLC is the place to help you find positive results.  


Services are rendered to children age 6 and older, teens and adults.  Services are delivered to individuals, couples, and families.  

Rendered services address symptoms and problems that are causing the client’s distress.  Services includes, but not limited to:

  • providing a safe space for clients to talk about their problems, challenges, emotions, and/or struggles, 

  • support to the client by understanding their feelings and/or issues related to their mental health, 

  • assisting clients with self-awareness, 

  • empowerment to find ways to resolve and overcome troubling issues,

  • educating client/family about mental health disorders and issues,

  • learning and application of effective and healthy coping techniques and strategies,

  • collaboration with setting and working on personal and treatment goals, and 

  • self-help strategies.

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